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Aug 19th, 2008

I live 35 miles from Green Bay, so I got a kick out of the Brett Favre entry.

Aug 8th, 2008

but... the walrus is Paul.

Jul 25th, 2008

Sorry, I just don't like the way both wheels stop concurrently. Nor do I care for the times it misspells present participles that shouldn't simply have an "ing" tacked on, e.g. those that end in "e." Also, very few of the results are even close to funny.

The late, great George Carlin had lists of actually funny ones:
Male Masturbation
Female Masturbation

They're not all of the form verb the noun, but a lot of them are.

Now excuse me, I have to go manipulate the mango.

Jul 27th, 2008

jBot submitted this April 3rd, unsuccessfully.

Jul 22nd, 2008

I guess I guessed wrong, just a flaky web host.

Jul 24th, 2008

Isn't it supposed to be interesting and/or fun?

Jul 22nd, 2008

I guess the guy sold them all, or is done trying to sell them anyway. It's not as if it costs a lot to keep a web site going.

Jul 19th, 2008

Chuck Norris films aren't homoerotic...

Jul 19th, 2008

Goes to show you the average level of intelligence of wrestling fans.

Jul 17th, 2008

If you zoom in on the map a bit, the green dots don't seem so threatening.

Jul 18th, 2008

I like it. I finally have Rush's YYZ as a ringtone. I tried converting a MIDI before and it was too quiet...

Jul 13th, 2008

I comment, therefore I am.

Jul 14th, 2008

Is that a young Nancy Walls playing the Mom, saying "itís not like youíre really black"?

Jul 14th, 2008

Yawn, please hawk your site somewhere else. This guy's own website does a much better job of showing off his artwork.

Jul 11th, 2008

Hey! Another supposedly cool quiz where the first thing you have to do is register.

Well, at least they don't let you take the whole quiz and then make you register to see the results, like some even more evil sites do...

Jul 11th, 2008

George Carlin -> coffin: That's ironic since he did not have his body saved.

Apparently Japanese people sit up at night worrying that if their names were displayed on an LED sign, and just the right LEDs burnt out, it might show something dishonorable.

I think their Side View Generator is much more interesting. My name, Dan, transforms to Sex! Makes me want to actually create it in a sculpture... (But not DAN, that becomes GAY!)

Jul 7th, 2008

Maybe he meant ?

Note that the USA is "banned" from taking part in the free prize competition...

Jul 5th, 2008

What is so enticing about paying some lowlife to permanently scar your body with bad art, anyway?

At least piercings can heal...

If I were to get a tattoo, it would be of the Chinese symbols for the equivalent of "tattoos suck". On my ass. Then at least I can honestly say I have a tattoo, and I will be as cool as, what, 90% of the supposedly individualistic kids nowadays.

Jul 5th, 2008

... and the 20 runners up!

All tattoos are hideous, btw. Some tasteful ones are almost tolerable...

Jul 3rd, 2008

Oh, and yes, "Pink Noise" technically isn't a simple bandpass mod. A third slider could modify the power spectral density from white to red!

Jul 3rd, 2008

I love when I try to sound smart and make a silly grammatical mistake!

change = changing

Jul 3rd, 2008

The knob just seems like a volume control to me.

What it needs it a slider for change the "color" with a variable bandpass filter. Two knobs would be nice, one for bandwidth, one for frequency center.

For instance, Pink Noise sounds more like ocean waves. (The Wiki article has a sample.)

Jul 1st, 2008

What's all this, then? What was it "very enthusiastic" about?

Jun 20th, 2008

A tiny, elderly, lung-expelling, out of shape, asthmatic frequent fainter would last a whole 6 seconds!

And yes, after cheating by examining the JavaScript, I determined that indeed 1:59 is the max. You might think that you could extend it to a nice, round 2:00 with prayer.

Jun 16th, 2008

You too can be invisible if you just train your mind to BELIEVE!

I already believe that this guy probably has additional training materials available on the off chance you have trouble getting there with the $25 one...

Jun 17th, 2008

This would be more fun if:

1. They gave you more covers to choose from
2. There was no time limit
3. They pixelated the giveaway text on the covers

But why am I telling all of you this?

Jun 13th, 2008

I am proud to say I got 1 out of 10 right on these stupid movies.

Jun 6th, 2008

Who or what is "Semiconductor"? And what does a bunch of space scientists talking about the magnetic fields of the sun and some planets have to do with the imaginary fields of common objects? And, the fields around stationary objects are more or less stable, unless they have electrical current running through them, and even then they'd just pulsate in intensity, not reach around in different directions.

To quote Artie Johnson's german soldier on Laugh-In: "Veddy interesting... but stupid!"

Jun 7th, 2008

BMW: Always Low Prices

May 20th, 2008

How come I can't choose my disbelief, or at least a Flying Spaghetti Monster?

May 9th, 2008

...except only one guy actually backflips into them.

Also seems kinda, you know, to have been tricked into watching guys cavort in their skivvies for almost two minutes.

May 6th, 2008

Huh, rather quiet. I dunno, I think it's interesting, and it's fun (in an evil way), to think of the people spending what little extra money they have twice a week trying to cash in, like it's a retirement plan or something. Let's see, I will need to retire in about 20 years, so in order to win the Jackpot once during that span (on average) I'd need to spend a little over $70,000 on each drawing. Hmm, I detect a flaw in this cunning plan... I can only afford $10 a drawing, so I'll win once every... 140 thousand years!

May 1st, 2008

Wow, Barg, did you make that? Awesome!

Apr 21st, 2008

It's not hard at all. That is, who needs the frustration? So I just won't play it. Easy!

Apr 20th, 2008

For that personal touch, I prefer to send gifts I made myself.