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Member since: May 26, 2008

Aug 4th, 2010

Destroy your collectibles!

Dec 20th, 2009

Man, that's totally copyright infringement. :P

Aug 7th, 2009

How about some bible verses?

Aug 3rd, 2009

Level 39 is downright impossible with a trackpad. :(

Jul 6th, 2009

Wasn't Lincoln gay?

Dec 7th, 2008

because the video was removed.

Nov 18th, 2008


The geek in me was trying to figure out how they triggered the LEDs with the circles... I guessed RFIDs.

It wasn't until 1 minute in simple timing came to mind. :/

Oct 14th, 2008

This is intense.

Oct 9th, 2008

Shitty DVD menus are why I pirate. :P

Sep 22nd, 2008

This video was mind blowing. :)

Sep 4th, 2008

Hello, I'm a college student with a low paying job. Can I trade my first born and right arm for this boat?

Aug 18th, 2008

This guy sounds like he's faking his voice. It's weird.

Aug 11th, 2008

This whole website makes me want to visit ohio. :) Amazing.

Jul 2nd, 2008

My favorite is middleamerica. Thankfully blogs never change anything.