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I eat pennies.

Member since: October 22, 2004

Nov 28th, 2009

Worked in Firefox for me.

Oct 19th, 2009

Oh my god the pink ceramic dildo was hilarious.

Jun 8th, 2009

I love this song so much.

The Jam Wow is not as good though.

May 5th, 2009

Yeah once you get past the first few levels with just one type of rock it becomes really easy.

Still pretty fun though.

Mar 27th, 2009

That is really cool. It must take a long time to do that.

Feb 25th, 2009

Error's page is the best.

Feb 20th, 2009

Isn't that called docking?

I mean... Not that I've seen it or anything...

Feb 16th, 2009

I agree with these two statements.

Jan 23rd, 2009

This is very addictive.

Jan 22nd, 2009

Looks like a rip off of fl0w.

Dec 24th, 2008

I'm already married!

Dec 19th, 2008

It has 99 achievements.

I completed the game. I wonder how many gamerpoints that is worth?

Dec 9th, 2008

Chris Hastings (Dr. McNinja) also had a Bill Murray experience.

Dec 6th, 2008

You scored a 72% (B)! Your driving level is: a little risk

Sounds about right.

Oct 23rd, 2008

The Predator one really shows off the vagina mouth.

Oct 18th, 2008

I really don't understand this. And I don't give a fuck either.

Oct 18th, 2008

What will rich people do next?

Oct 10th, 2008

I was finally able to watch it. Not what I expected.

Oct 10th, 2008

None of the videos on that site work. I must be missing a plugin or something.

Oct 9th, 2008

No, I tried that too Imperion.

Oct 10th, 2008

It doesn't work.

Sep 25th, 2008

Remember Planettroy, the internet is serious business.

Sep 26th, 2008

That was pretty cool.

Sep 25th, 2008

It's great to see them moving, rather than pictures. And the music/sound was great.

Sep 14th, 2008

This game doesn't work.

Sep 6th, 2008

Way to screw it up Planettroy.

Sep 4th, 2008

I am well know for being pretty colorblind.

That said, I scored a 195. :(

Jul 31st, 2008

Your mother puts on lovable formal clothes

Jul 25th, 2008

Nothing like a beer after extending the wine.

Wait, what?

Sep 25th, 2006

I think I could spend hours on this.

Sep 18th, 2006

Beaker as an agent was awesome.

Sep 1st, 2006

Holy shit, send that thing back to hell!

Aug 26th, 2006

It's like watching a crappy version of Pi, but instead it's made in Flash and about Scrabble.

Aug 4th, 2006

I understand half of it everytime I read it, but love it anyway.

Mar 14th, 2006

I heard some Zelda sound effects.