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The_CiA's Profile

They call me The_CiA and this is my story. I was raised in the backwoods of Oklahoma. I grew up without brains nor braun. I was 3ft 6in at birth, but I soon shrunk to regular size. While hiking in the wilderness one day I was attacked by a mother bear protecting her cubs. That is why at a young age I lost my left ear and three of my fingers. Many people don't know this but I lost my right arm in a fight with a possum. Most people just assume it was the bear, but it wasn't. At the age of 23, I went to the community college. I met a girl and we ran away. I promised I'd make her happy every day. I lied. One tuesday afternoon I didn't make her happy. She left me because I was a liar liar pants on fire hanging from a telephone wire. Now I live with my mother and am constantly bombarded with emails from people wanting to know my credit card information. I'm not a complicated man so I give it to them. This is my 15th computer in 3 monthes. Dang things keep getting viruses. Stupid new fangled technology. What ever happened to the telegraph. Oy.

Member since: May 11, 2005