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Member since: January 8, 2009

Nov 29th, 2010

I loved these - especially Chewy coppin' a feel. Epic.

Oct 23rd, 2010

Dumb - but fun.

Aug 31st, 2010

The writeup for Cisco nearly made me fall out of my seat from laughing so hard.

That being said - I must try it.

Sep 6th, 2010

"The learning curve is a little high so I don't expect everyone to like this."

LOL - in other words, if you don't like this game, you're stupid or something. :)

Just kidding.

Jul 9th, 2010

I must be incredibly lowbrow, because I just don't get any of this.

I'm going to doodle on the faces of people in newspaper photos and call it art, too.

May 21st, 2010

#13 takes a little commitment. He has good taste in beer...

Apr 25th, 2010


Apr 26th, 2010

The dancing baby still creeps me the eff out.

Apr 20th, 2010

Am I the only one who's creeped out by this?

Mar 6th, 2010

Does anyone else think he sounds a bit like Mr. Bean?

Feb 19th, 2009

Re: the mortgage bailouts... maybe there'll be a sequel..?

Feb 4th, 2009

Yeah, this is kind of like "Myst for the Simple."

Jan 23rd, 2009

Enjoyed this, but got kicked out of a game by a snotty little pre-teen. Lame.

Jan 14th, 2009


Jan 17th, 2009

Words fail me.

Jan 12th, 2009

It takes FOREVER to load, but mine eventually did.

Jan 12th, 2009

cool idea - much more difficult than it looks!

Jan 5th, 2009

I'm waiting for the cat to whack the guy over the head with the baseball bat.