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Dad was flammable.

Member since: June 17, 2002

Apr 29th, 2005

Oh yeah, number 525 on the scoreboard.

I lay down the challenge to you all!

Apr 29th, 2005

How awesome.

Apr 24th, 2005

That is just awesome.

Mar 25th, 2005


Apr 17th, 2005

Sneaking off to another room to choke the chicken isn't a particularly new idea.

Apr 16th, 2005

I can't figure out if I suck at this game or if this game just sucks.

Apr 13th, 2005

Tell me more about this "spectrum song".

Apr 1st, 2005


Apr 1st, 2005

Yeah, that bagel guy is impossible, I am so enraged I'm gonna go next door and shit on my neighbour's waffles.

Mar 14th, 2005

Hitler just owned me. I think I'll go back to playing it in easy mode.

Mar 4th, 2005

My brain felt like someone was attacking it with an angle grinder.

Feb 17th, 2005

Someone should teach these people to smile.

Dec 10th, 2004

After a few combos you'll get a little "OK" symbol under your energy bar, if you press V, you'll execute your special move (provided you're not smacked upside the head by your opponent when you try to do it).

Oct 30th, 2004

That game was too easy.

Oct 22nd, 2004

It certainly needs a bit of a tweaking, it's quite an infuriating game.

Oct 22nd, 2004

I disagree with the way they expect you to write an upper-case M.

Sep 27th, 2004

If you enter my details I'll totally send you the TV if it comes here.

Sep 27th, 2004


Sep 19th, 2004


Sep 17th, 2004


Sep 15th, 2004

Both The Office and The House are pretty crappy and annoying.

Sep 15th, 2004

Once again, I had to help Mikey complete one of these puzzle games.

Sep 15th, 2004

Sep 14th, 2004

What an odd, yet highly entertaining game.

Sep 9th, 2004

Oh yeah, I beat 170,000, I probably wont ever again.

Anyone managed to get the Power Robot? I've managed to get every other robot but that one eludes me.

Sep 9th, 2004

Pretty sweet, if not sometimes infuriating.

Damn Mystery Robo.

Sep 6th, 2004

All those innocent ghosts gave their lives, when all they needed was a beach ball.

Sep 6th, 2004


Sep 2nd, 2004

The game didn't work for me, when I loaded it, I already had all of the inventory items blinking at the right hand side, and when I actually "found" them in the real game, I was unable to actually pick them up. Some bug for Macs, I assume.

I kinda got the idea of what I was supposed to be doing though.

I rate it crap out of ten.

Aug 27th, 2004

The wind only changes after you've got him in the pool, I don't think I managed it more than once out of five attempts.

Aug 24th, 2004

I posted a message, although I'm pretty sure no-one will ever see it.

I'm going to stake out a position on the lower branches tomorrow.

Aug 17th, 2004

They're probably throwing a penguin.

Aug 18th, 2004


Aug 9th, 2004

"Love" is more popular than "Hate", but "War" is more popular than both.

Also, "Peace" isn't as popular as "Oil".

Aug 4th, 2004

It's all about timing, and in Spazmodicus' case, photo-editting.