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Dad was flammable.

Member since: June 17, 2002

Oct 30th, 2003

Damn fascist Mac-haters.

Oct 27th, 2003


Oct 17th, 2003

I am of the opinion that most of the children's responses were altered.

I'm guessing they all just kept saying "this is gay".

Also they were probably molested.

Oct 17th, 2003

I broke my collar bone and got to play Super Mario Brothers whilst I was getting better.

When it started to heal, I rammed myself into doors to try to keep it broken so I could play more, despite the constant button bashing being horribly painfull.

These kids should set fire to me immediately.

Oct 12th, 2003

That's hella easy.

Oct 10th, 2003

and horribly transparent.

Oct 10th, 2003

Harrison Ford was in Waterworld?

Oct 4th, 2003

"that" is "cool"

Sep 30th, 2003

Man, that last table was huh-ard, but I nailed teh bitch.

Oh yeah!

Sep 27th, 2003


Sep 27th, 2003


Sep 22nd, 2003

It's under the black part that holds the CD, Nate, you have to prise it off with your fingers.

The Insane Clown Posse hide things in there too, although I doubt you own anything by them.

Sep 9th, 2003

Its actually hella easy to use.

Sep 14th, 2003

It's like a poor-man's Vice City.

Sep 16th, 2003

That ring girl is fiiiiiiiiiiine.

Sep 18th, 2003

The gigantic man touching the Statue of Liberty freaks me out.

Sep 18th, 2003

Yes, it IS a great game, but MaKK is right, they should be shot repeatedly in the face for the play control.

Certainly not suitable for people running OS X with the Dock at the bottom of the screen, I think I managed to open every fucking application I have playing that game.

Although it is fun, the level with the flying Angel guy is stupid, you run out of ammo and after throwing the gun at him you have to just bounce around punching him. After a few attempts I worked out that you should just die a million times aiming all your shots at the fucker then worry about the zombie people.

The last room is unexplained, and I didn't even get my pie in the end. :(

Sep 14th, 2003

I challenge anyone to win at that game, ever.

Sep 9th, 2003

This should be called Tard Tennis.

Sep 11th, 2003

One day, our generation will run the world.

Sep 10th, 2003

No you're not awesome, the opponents are just easier than many of your relatives.

Sep 9th, 2003

It's addictive, but gets to a point where the only thing that changes is the level number.

Switches? Is THAT was the other guys are doing all the time?

Sep 7th, 2003


Sep 6th, 2003

Yeah, it works.

Sep 6th, 2003

Yes, you are.

Sep 3rd, 2003

Well, I completed it on the 3rd attempt, once I got used to it, I found it quite enjoyable.

Sep 3rd, 2003

I think that's just you.

*presses 'post comment'*


Aug 28th, 2003

My terrapin killed and ate the goldfish sometime yesterday.

Just an update for you.

Sep 3rd, 2003

Yaaaaar, the treasure is mine!

Aug 28th, 2003

This goldfish is more entertaining than the one I bought yesterday to feed to my terrapin.

It just swims around and refuses to be eaten.

What a rip off.

Aug 22nd, 2003

Aug 18th, 2003

That game is the r0xxx0r, although it seems to have stopped working for me now :(

Jul 17th, 2003

Feed me human flesh.

Jul 14th, 2003


Jun 30th, 2003

Seems everyone falls over at the certain proof bit, you bunch of atheists!