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Member since: March 31, 2005

Apr 13th, 2007

I also hate YTMND

Mar 11th, 2007

I Never Thought Of It That Way

Feb 16th, 2007

or you could put a real bomb in it. And people would take it as a common hoax. Then KABLAM

Feb 7th, 2007

Up here in Canada (eh?). We, or at least I, say coke. Like "Can I have a coke."

Jan 12th, 2007

Thats good to know troy, I finally feel like I've helped the world.

Jan 12th, 2007

Or a 9th grader with an hour on his hands.

Jan 12th, 2007

Now I reveal the secret. I made it. Lol. I was bored.

Dec 30th, 2006

Thats because Brad died, He told me

Dec 24th, 2006

Do you have shockwave?

Jul 1st, 2006

Now my scanner is broken, but I SWEAR i got mine

Jul 1st, 2006

lol, I forgot all about this, wait till monday then ill do it.

Jul 1st, 2006

lol, I forgot all about this, wait till monday then ill do it.

Oct 19th, 2006

i think I lol'd

Sep 25th, 2006

Uhh... How come when he hit the big black dots he got a speed bump?

Jul 1st, 2006

ill scan it and post it when i am not busy.

Jul 1st, 2006


Jul 1st, 2006

An alien with 6 fingers (combined) drawing pikachu eating smores. And the smores are crying

May 9th, 2006

Doesnt the picture need to be on a webpage though?

May 9th, 2006

how do u guys get images that are so small

May 9th, 2006

<--Does it work

Apr 11th, 2006

Apr 5th, 2006

How amazingly fun is? AMAZING

Mar 27th, 2006

Ive tried for 20 Minutes please just give a really good hint for level 2. LOL

Mar 6th, 2006

hahaah... Some things that lead people to the site. Kim Possible Porn, DickGirls Lololol stupid people.

Aug 25th, 2005

Very hard to read through this. And yes I did bite down on my finger. What an intense thing to read. The are obviously fucked up. Man i cant describe the weirdness i feel.

Aug 23rd, 2005

im small it takes 106 cans of pepsi to kill me. Also lol jonnie

Jul 28th, 2005

Hey Brad, Im getting off topic but can u make a forum page so we have somewhere to talk.

Jul 26th, 2005

I guess I didnt really type it out well. I say it in-fore-may-dohr

Jul 26th, 2005

This is completely off topic but how do u guys pronounce(spelling?) In4mador. I say it like in4mAdor. As in a long A sound.

Oct 26th, 2003

omfg, now this is awesome. But maybe not as awesome as me.

Jul 12th, 2005

havnt used html in a while lets try this out


Jul 11th, 2005

Hard, maybe thats just cause I dont get it.

Jul 11th, 2005

The fonr is too small, I have to copy and paste this into wordpad and then read it.

Feb 25th, 2005

5989 I got stopped by that stupid chick, i was still going fast

Jul 1st, 2005

I did it in my area code. Which is in Canada and it was this chick. And I just left a message singing the song and asking for jenny.