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Life is not unlike the life that life is not unlike.

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Jan 15th, 2008

Neat idea, terrible execution.

Dec 31st, 2007

It's cool, but nowhere near as awesome as

Dec 14th, 2007

Haha... JarJar with his tongue frozen to a pole. XD

Nov 28th, 2007

Oh Klaus.

Nov 28th, 2007

Ya, there have been PSAs like that running in Canada for some time. I can't find it but the first I remember was of a man being pulled into the rollers of a conveyer belt.

Nov 25th, 2007

Yup... this list is terrible. It's supposed to be fictional yet #39: Hitler's Handgun is a Walter P38

Also... Chainsaw-Nunchaku (Dr.McNinja) should be on the list aswell.

Nov 25th, 2007

I dunno... the Lancer (the chainsaw gun from Gears) should have been higher on the list.

And Perfect Dark's laptop gun didn't even make it... shame.

Nov 15th, 2007


Oct 19th, 2007

This could make a good 2-player game... try to trap/escape from your opponent

Oct 19th, 2007

The problem is there are situations that are impossible.

Aug 27th, 2007

A friend of mine showed me this a month ago... the song still haunts me.

Jul 31st, 2007

I mush prefer Bungie's tropical Zanzibar with the giant fan in the background.

Jul 23rd, 2007

I can't beleive I read the whole thing...

Jul 18th, 2007

As a Canadian, anything mixed with any form of Budweiser is gross... must try Molson + Clamato... a Molato!

And on the topic of wierd drinks: Noilly Prat Vermuthe + Spruce Beer =Sprucy Knoll

May 23rd, 2007

Picard was so much better than Kirk, and I have three words to prove it: "Make it so."

May 19th, 2007

I personally like the first one with the brush.

May 23rd, 2007

Is it sad that I've seen all those movies?

May 15th, 2007

Since all kitties are in heaven, does that prove that god kills one every time you masturbate?

May 8th, 2007

Feels ALOT like geometry wars.

May 9th, 2007

No gratuitous violence or nudity though... but still altogether awesome.

Apr 19th, 2007

#8 pretty much nailed spy-sattelites, tanks, nuclear submarines, silencers, nukes and bomb-shelters.

Mar 30th, 2007

Not nearly enough starting locations and the plane doesn't move fast enough to get where you might want to go.

Feb 16th, 2007

Yellow was my particular favourite... directed by Neil Blomkam (he did Alive in Joburg, and is signed to eventually direct the Halo movie).

Feb 8th, 2007

You have to move the pointer below the screen, it's a bit wonky, and position the helicopter exactly over the end of the last car

Feb 7th, 2007

Somehow that seemed to be very threatening... "You see... bad things happen to people who don't drink out coffee."

Jan 28th, 2007

eskimo... are you an alchie too?

Jan 28th, 2007

Why!? Why is this so awesome?

It really shouldn't be, it's just a guy running from a camera... but... somehow...

Jan 28th, 2007

Non Newtonian? Pah! Vibrations and resonance... that's physics at work!

Jan 10th, 2007

Schatten has a point,
Mr. T would change the world... hell, he could even bypass people and just tell it to greenhouse gasses... the gasses would listen.

Jan 16th, 2007

Frequenters of in4mador,

brad’s “usual standard”? Since brad submitted it he must have found it funny and/or witty enough to be posted on this site. And expecting more from brad's submissions or claiming that this link isn't up to standard; is narcissistic in your thinking that this site caters to you personally.

I agree with valuedan: brad’s offering this site for anyone, for free. Just because you didn't like a link doesn't mean he isn't doing his job, and I’m pretty sure his job isn't keeping this site updated. This site is most likely something he does on his spare time and he's done more than enough maintenance and updates.

And in response to lemoncurry: no, not all responses should be “Awesome, dude!” It’s perfectly acceptable to say a particular link sucked, or you thought it was not funny. But the point now isn’t that some people found Le Grand Content to be bland, but that some here personally insulted brad because this link wasn’t to their tastes.

A few months ago in4mador was a list of links with comments for each one. brad added forums and the Link Queue. I can still remember when we didn’t have the ability to link a picture to our names. The only advertising on this site is the quiet list of “ads by Google”; there are no disruptive flash ads that are pandemic to this genre of website. This gives me the impression that brad puts more than just his free time into keeping this site up and running; he deserves nothing less than our thanks.

So: Thank you brad!

Fred_Guy, out.

Jan 16th, 2007

Am I the only one that found this funny?

Jan 13th, 2007

I just wish I payed attention in my German class.

Jan 13th, 2007

Someone needs to subtitle that...
Absolute gold.

Jan 6th, 2007

No, the germans have an education system that's much more effective than what we have here.