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Member since: August 16, 2005

Aug 4th, 2006

This comic makes me feel really geeky because I understand it all

Jul 29th, 2006

Well this seems like a waste of time. If anything, if someone thrust a ticket under my face as 'proof' I would be more suspicious than if they just said "yeah I went".

All the fun of a concert without all of that actual band nonsense

Jun 9th, 2006

most of them are just some kind of circle with hands put on so somebody can go "omg goatse lol!!!11!!!oneone!"

Jun 9th, 2006

did anybody else get bored of this really quickly?

May 18th, 2006

Wow that was disappointing. Got all the stars, did level 6 and...nothing. absolutely nothing.

Apr 23rd, 2006

10190, then I got bored

Mar 28th, 2006

I got 1892, then couldn't be bothered to start all over again

Mar 27th, 2006

I'm stuck on level 34

Feb 9th, 2006

That is the shittest site I've seen in a long time

Feb 5th, 2006

What's up with the weird boss names?

Feb 1st, 2006

I like the Ron Jeremy pictures
he is disgusted, then proceeds to show other people
Isn't that the true spirit of goatse?

Jan 30th, 2006

What are you talking about? This isn't an English site, we don't even have half of those chocolate bars in England

Smarties are similar to M&Ms (we have both) but smarties...actually I'm not sure if there is a difference besides the name

As for the snickers-mars bar statement, where did you get that idea? Our mars is the same as the American mars bar, same with snickers. The website got that one wrong, that's all

Jan 24th, 2006

I can't stop laughing at this

Jan 15th, 2006

I got to 538350 before I got bored
I guess I was expecting a little more variety

Nov 17th, 2005

I got 989, then got bored as the next game most of the same shapes came up

Oct 24th, 2005

I saw this on b3ta first, but it's still pretty incredible

Oct 9th, 2005

"chicken mcnuggets are 26 percent disobedient robots"

Sep 5th, 2005

I liked the part with the discovery of the ancient civilization

Aug 15th, 2005

I got to level 8, then it became seemingly impossible