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I love the smell of facepalm in the morning.

Member since: July 16, 2003

Jan 11th, 2007

I made a bunny.

Jan 5th, 2007

This one is pretty easy. You just have to find the clicky spots.

Dec 1st, 2006

The wrist strap invariably breaks because people are swinging it around too hard and not holding the remote firmly.

You don't have to swing it that hard at all.

I've been mostly playing Zelda, anyway.

Dec 1st, 2006

This is why the Wii remote has a wrist strap, idiots.

Dec 2nd, 2006

F#^k, I can't find Waldo anywhere in this.

Nov 26th, 2006

My car won't start. I think something's wrong with the injun.

Nov 3rd, 2006

They should use the blender to really mix up a Rubik's cube.

Oct 28th, 2006

There were no gay Nazis.

Oct 23rd, 2006

Have you seen the crap movies the studios are putting out these days?

Do we really need a new Saw every six months?

Oct 17th, 2006

I have a better question. In the picture above, why are that guy's nipples hard?

Oct 15th, 2006

I just got that same panel with the caption, "Of all that is written, I love only what a person has written with his own blood."

Oct 13th, 2006

Like this?

Sep 29th, 2006

Only A4 paper, eh?


Sep 18th, 2006

I did this as a first-year student...

Sep 8th, 2006

You mean ineffectually debate evolution.

Aug 31st, 2006

Mr. Rogers: "Did you ever take a bath in a pool like this when you were a little boy?"

Francois: "I sure did."

Mr. Rogers: "Would you like to now?"

Aug 30th, 2006

Are you talking about ER with George Clooney, or E/R with George Clooney?

Because the latter was definitely not a soap opera.

Aug 31st, 2006

Considering that Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood was on in 1663, Fred Rogers must have been some kind of demon or vampire or something.

Aug 28th, 2006

More people look up Nazi Germany than Germany. Apparently, the motherland just isn't interesting if Hitler isn't involved.

The History Channel learned this years ago.

Aug 10th, 2006

I wonder if anyone searches for " .com"...

Get it?

Aug 10th, 2006

Shows you just how dumb the average AOL user is when #11 is "internet".

Aug 4th, 2006

BTW, I thought the Vader theme was "The Imperial March"...

Oh, yeah. I know BTW, too.

Aug 4th, 2006

I know PHP.

Aug 3rd, 2006

Those responsible for painting the mooses have been sacked.

Jul 31st, 2006

There's a link for episode 2 in the comments for episode 1.

Jul 29th, 2006

I've beaten it as all three characters. Pretty easy really. It was still fun, though.

Jul 27th, 2006

Yeah. When you're starting to use clips from Soulman and Field of Dreams, you're grasping.

Jul 26th, 2006


Jul 25th, 2006

Yeah, but they have trees for feet and crap.

I like how several pictures are repeated on the site. Either A, he's too dumb to keep track of which images are there, or B, he's so dumb that he paints the exact same picture multiple times.

Jul 25th, 2006

Blizz needs to study up on classic video games.

Arkanoid (note the spelling) was an extension of Breakout.

This game is more like Asteroids.

I've actually written an Arkanoid clone.

Jul 20th, 2006

If I ever make one of these escape games, I'm gonna call it "Walkthrough", just to screw with the Googlers.

Jul 21st, 2006

He's competing for our sins.

Jul 20th, 2006

The TV remote has no batteries. Maybe you can find some in some other electronic device. You can also prop the satellite dish up with something for better reception. A drink would be nice, too.

Jul 21st, 2006

Yeah, but I don't think "Grow Lump" was ever released.