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I love the smell of facepalm in the morning.

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Dec 5th, 2008

They cheated. The black squares are supposed to be red. The robot probably had trouble distinguishing the red from the orange.

It looks like its method is 1) examine the cube, 2) work out a solution, and 3) execute the solution. If you changed the stickers around to make the cube unsolvable, it would likely go into an infinite loop at 2).

Dec 1st, 2008

Some of these aren't too far off the mark for now, but some are completely ridiculous.

I really love that '40s hovercar deisgn, though.

Nov 13th, 2008

Well, Bush isn't a good conservative. Just look how big the government has become and how much it's spending.

Nov 27th, 2008

All lot of stuff converted to Welsh and back contains the word "heartburn" for some reason.

Nov 26th, 2008


Nov 20th, 2008

You're so vane, you probably think the wind's from the northwest.

Nov 18th, 2008

Yeah. The looks away reminded me of the opening of Strange Days, which is also made to look like a single, long shot.

Nov 17th, 2008

This game sucks because there's no way to record the "run."

I found it more fun to make the guy land right on his head.

Nov 18th, 2008

I might not have been done in one go. All of those sideways glances are chances for transitions.

Nov 15th, 2008

Now all they need is a machine that etches people's names into little wooden balls... and psychic kids in bath tubs.

Nov 13th, 2008

I used to like Glenn Beck's TV show, but now it's gonna be on Fox News. :-(

But hell, even Obama himself has joked about the whole Messiah thing.

Nov 12th, 2008

Do you collect change instead of coins?

Nov 3rd, 2008

Yuck. It's that Time Machine.

Jeremy Irons should be required to return his Oscar at this point.

Oct 29th, 2008

McCain wouldn't do the same thing as Bush. That's just what Obama says.

For one thing, McCain wanted more troops in Iraq from the start, with proper equipment, so they could actually finish the job.

And Ron Paul is crazier than a wolverine in a washing machine.

Oct 29th, 2008

Yeah. They all suck, but since we were talking about Obama, I thought I'd stick to that.

The man won't even say he disagrees with someone who hates Israel. He says he's for change, but everything he's ever done shows him to be just another politician who happens to speak better than most.

Oct 29th, 2008

Obama sucks.

Oct 17th, 2008

An argument isn't just contradiction.

Oct 22nd, 2008

So, still more work than using a P2P program?

Oct 22nd, 2008

So, if this isn't legal, you're paying money to do something illegally that you can already do illegally for free?

No, thanks.

Oct 21st, 2008

The boys are frogs and the girls are pigs.

Oct 18th, 2008

It would be awesome to build little buildings on the islands, set up a bunch of cameras, and have a rocket war.

Oct 17th, 2008

Buy the game. Piracy is bad.

Oct 18th, 2008

I don't give a fuck either.

Oct 12th, 2008

I think we should stop here.

Oct 2nd, 2008

But, but... NINE ELEVEN!!!

Oct 12th, 2008

I'm Batman.

Oct 2nd, 2008

Cool, but mine is more contraptiony.

Some people go for the simple, but I find it more fun to make something horrible and have it actually work.

Oct 9th, 2008

I don't think I've ever fallen asleep watching a DVD. The whole point of having DVDs is so I can watch stuff when I'm awake. Television is for falling asleep during.

Oct 2nd, 2008

Burlap '08.

Oct 2nd, 2008

Maybe we could do with a piece of fabric in the White House. Heck, if we put swatches in Congress they might actually get more done.

Oct 2nd, 2008

There are solutions to that one that consist of only five pieces, but mine is what you get from trying something, seeing where it fails, then changing a bit, ad nauseum.

Oct 2nd, 2008

Wow. You two are totally missing the point.

Oct 2nd, 2008

I got bored after a while, so I'd never buy the full game. It also needs a proper volume control rather than on/off.

Sep 26th, 2008

You can drag stuff with the mouse, too.