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Jun 5th, 2008

I loved it. Am I alone?

Jun 7th, 2008

I like it, but I don't want to go to Minco. Ever.

Jun 7th, 2008

PS: Great editing

Jun 8th, 2008

Nah, man it was good. the Church of Christ part cracked me up. Being a member of a CoC in Lubbock, I got a kick out of it.

Jun 11th, 2008

Do worshipers of the Church of Christ believe in stating the obvious?

Aug 7th, 2008

im trying to decide if i should take your comment literally or not.

Because there are plenty of people that worship the church of Christ. It's vaguely obnoxious.

But... Yes. Members of the CoC state the obvious all the time. It's what we're good at.

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