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Jul 24th, 2008

This was fun.

Jul 25th, 2008

Sodium was pretty good.

Jul 26th, 2008

Okay.. first off, I was disappointed that they didn't mess with Rhubidum or Cesium(as far as uh-splosions go). Sodium and Potassium are lame compared to Cesium jackoffery..

But that being said, I want that crazy chemist's hair when I get that old.. It was amazing.. And to use the phrase "so-called" every other sentence.. The nerdy fat guy was quite entertaining as well because he had a hard time forming sentences sometimes.. [holding a balloon] "It would just float up to the ceiling... like... a balloon"

Jul 26th, 2008

My nerdy-senses are tingling.

Jul 27th, 2008

I watched them all.

I am queen of geekery!

Jul 30th, 2008

I must say that during the Cesium video I was half-hoping that one scientist would smack the other over the head with the glass ampule then throw a glass of water in his face.

That's how my chemistry teacher did it.

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