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Feb 27th, 2004

frikkin' amazing.

Feb 27th, 2004

The third one drags a bit, but the first two are so so sweet.

Feb 27th, 2004

It's like the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

The first one establishes the plot, the second one has an awesome battle scene and the third one drags on too long.

Feb 27th, 2004


Feb 28th, 2004

Number three is awful they should have stopped at two.

Feb 29th, 2004

But that would leave the plot hanging, and you can't imagine how annoyi

Feb 29th, 2004

How WHAT?? WHAT?????

Mar 1st, 2004

Someone must have stabbed him in mid-sentence.

Mar 6th, 2004

I wanted an ENDING.

Good movies, though.

Mar 7th, 2004

Yeah, okay, the third one sucked a bit, but only because it was building up to something that doesn't actually happen in that episode. Good use of Radiohead, though.

Apr 23rd, 2004

Are there anymore videos like this?

Jun 21st, 2004

Url not found anymore apparently.

Jun 21st, 2004

Why don't you stop bumping dead links.

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