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Feb 8th, 2009

Just when I thought it couldn't get worse, the last frame said it will be continued.

Feb 8th, 2009

yes.. That was quite terrible :)

Feb 8th, 2009

Didn't we already have a link for a video that had the terrible plot and bad-acting of porn but without the sex?

Feb 8th, 2009

For some bizarre reason I have been banned from this forum - even though I've never been there. Damned you, Verizon - for making my share my IP with nutballs.

Feb 10th, 2009

The opening was nice. And then they put Dr. Evil in it?! OH MAN I love Austen Powers movies. It would have been better with some Napoleon Dynamite or George Bush impressions. They could have made fun of Sarah Palin or how Martha Stewart went to jail or had the Wayans brothers produce it. With Eli Roth.

Feb 13th, 2009

Ty. it was made almost a year ago so there wouldn't be any palin jokes yet

Feb 13th, 2009

or would there?

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