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Apr 10th, 2006

Mean but kinda funny.
Their site is hacked now.
And also it's bloody annoying that you can't really read the stuff.

Apr 10th, 2006

Running there took longer than the whole battle. And that's why I quit World of Warcraft.

Apr 10th, 2006

Wow. People who have funerals online need to get lives. D:

Apr 10th, 2006

Can someone please explain what I just saw?

I gather that a bunch of nerds were holding an online funeral for someone that most of them had probably never actually met and that a bunch of equally nerdy spazzes decided to rough up the former nerds. Looks like they basically owned them all for one reason or another.

The only thing more sad than mourning nerds is bored nerds who feel the need to ruin the mourning nerds' plans.

And people pay real money every month for this shit? Jesus, I prefer to pay for my games once.

Apr 10th, 2006

I think the term is "community".

Apr 10th, 2006

Do they have made up swear words on WoW - 'bitch out and gank lowbies?'

What on earth does that mean?! Freakin nerds...

Apr 10th, 2006


That's how I want to go, guys. I want a big rumble at my in4mador funeral.

Apr 10th, 2006

"And people pay real money every month for this shit?"

Yes. Real people pay real money to have fake funerals for real people they've never even met.

Fo' real.

Apr 10th, 2006

They wouldn't have the balls to do that at a real funeral.

...and that's what separates the Men from the Boys ;)

Apr 10th, 2006

They wouldn't have the [b]need[/b] to do that at a real funeral.

...and that's what separates the nerds from the casual gamers.

Apr 10th, 2006

Did the moron die because he played WoW all day and consumed nothing but Monster Energy drinks and Microwave Toasties??

All my sympathy is out the window. Bye-bye!

Apr 11th, 2006

From what I've picked up, it was a girl who died in some sort of accident (I'd guess car). But I could be wrong.

Apr 11th, 2006

Well, if anyone can provide valid information I'll eat crow.

Apr 12th, 2006

" 'bitch out and gank lowbies?'
What on earth does that mean?!"

It basically means to kill anyone you see with all the power you have, while making sure to take out the low level characters.

...that fact that I know that only confirms that I'll never get a date for the prom.

Apr 13th, 2006

You could have a WoW prom date, and than some other geeks could mess it up.

Yeah, well poor girl who didn't sleep. I would recommend that all in4madorians "pay attention to their heath".

Apr 14th, 2006

I don't think they should add "anti obsession" software into any games. Let Darwinism take over.

Natural selection, baby. At least they get to die somewhat comfortably in their own homes instead of dying in an alley whacked out on heroin. Addictive personalities are addictive personalities.

Apr 14th, 2006

A brief introduction to the video:
Some gamer died of a stroke, his clan decided to hold a "funeral" in game, some other clan decides to show up and start attacking the mourning gamers and become the clan to hate.

1 - The clan that attacked were disrespectful.
2 - The clan that was attacked should have held the funeral somewhere where there is no PvP.
3 - If he spent enough time online in WoW to warrant a in-game funeral, that may be why he suffered said stroke.

And the whole thing about a prom date in WoW. I can't remember the name of the game but two people met over this game and got married. While they were getting married they had laptops, playing their characters as they got married both physically and in-game. I weep for these people.

Apr 16th, 2006

I know a married couple who got divorced due to WoW (or was is EQ? What's the diff?).

Yeah; he was looking through the game's chat backlogs for a friend's phone# or somethign & came across the fact tha tshe was having an online "affair" with someone else!

They got divorced.

MMORPGers are weird.

Apr 18th, 2006

I think what is next, is someone will fake their death on WOW and then come back to haunt them all.

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