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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there link posting guidelines?

Things that don't tend to get approved:

1. Unclear link titles / descriptions ("Check this out! It's great and lots of fun!"), these may be edited for clarity but often will just be ignored due to moderator laziness.

2. Unspecific links (example: linking to a whole page of games rather than just one good one)

3. Links that require the user to sign up for an account.

4. Links requiring downloads or weird plugins.

5. Wacky news / satire links.

Are there comment posting guidelines?

In4mador is a place for people to hang out, kill some time and hopefully have a good time doing it. With that in mind there are a few guidelines for comments:

1. If you have a question or a problem with the site, please email me at Link comments aren't the place for that sort of thing and they'll be deleted.

2. Continually complaining about the quality of links will get you blocked from commenting.

3. Inappropriate (rude, really off-topic, abusive, etc) messages will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be blocked from commenting.

4. If you're just a jerk in general, you'll be blocked from commenting without warning.

How do I put links and images in comments?

In4mador supports the following HTML tags in replies: <A> <B> <I> <IMG> <BLOCKQUOTE>.

<IMG> and <BLOCKQUOTE> are not allowed in link posts.

Is there like... a quick posting bookmarklet?

Sure, drag this link to your bookmark toolbar:

Post to In4mador!

Who runs In4mador?

It is me, Brad. You can email me here.