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Feb 10th, 2003

How could you people not think this is the best game ever? Where are all the comments? "This is the most rocking game that was ever made." "I am blind with love for this game now."

Maybe you don't know how to play.

You have one arrow to fire blindly into a room with the intent of killing the wumpus. If you miss you die.

The wumpus is buffered by two room that have red spots (this i think is supposed to be the blood of his victims). This means if you leave a room with no red spot to a room with a red spot, you can move to any space next to it and not encounter the wumpus.

A green room connects directly with AT LEAST one pit. It could connect to more than one.

Hallways do not count as rooms. This means a green room can go to a hallway then to a bottomless pit.

Bats will randomly transport you anywhere, even into a pit or on the wumpus.

The wumpus can also be lurking inside a pit.

To fire you hit Q and then the direction you want to shoot.

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