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Jul 9th, 2011

It's pretty nice. All the features I've tried have worked without a hitch.

Jul 9th, 2011

Here's where I'm at:

Jul 11th, 2011

I suppose I'll put mine here, as well.

Jul 15th, 2011

So what's it do different?

Jul 19th, 2011

well i have no idea since i never really used any other social networks


Jul 26th, 2011

They seem to be using the "busy club" style of marketing. Only let people in by invite, then let a few people in for a brief time, then say it's too busy for you, but you can still wait if you really want to be cool.

Now you can't get in even if you have an invite, you have to wait until they are ready for more users. :-/

Jul 27th, 2011

Google+, Hulu+... Everything's gonna have a + soon.

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