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Mar 2nd, 2011

How are "The Kings Speech" and "Inception" classic movies?

Mar 2nd, 2011

I, on the other hand, up-voted this.

Mar 3rd, 2011

yes, they are playing fast and loose with the definition of 'classic'

but c'mon. it's fun!

Mar 3rd, 2011

I up-voted just now, actually. It's fun, I'll give it that, and addicting.

Mar 3rd, 2011

It keeps repeating them.

Mar 5th, 2011

my final score was 85-17. i'm only mad at myself for a couple of the misses.

Mar 8th, 2011

heh.. Memento was a terrible picture :/ Oh and.. hey guys long time no see :)

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