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Jul 7th, 2010

Man, you're so independent when you're funded by Pepsi.

I have this theory that hipsters and indie kids will be the wave of the next ten years, like how every movement is underground for several years, grows popular and jumps the shark. Maybe after that, humility will be popular.

Jul 7th, 2010

The "cyclicity of rebellion" as I call it is actually a pet theory of mine too. Sticking it to those who stick it to the man is my personal goal.

Of course I still listen to electro-swing and other weird music, but that would be because I actually like it and not because mainstream music is for consumerist sheeple.

Jul 7th, 2010

That's exactly the reason I posted it, actually. because I enjoy this type of music, and assume other people would too ;)

Jul 12th, 2010

I believe my tastes are also a bit esoteric, and I didn't like much at all from what I heard on this site. That being said, it's a pretty great collection going on, and it's got a little of everything, sans the over-produced lack of heart

Jul 13th, 2010


I'm the founder and main writer for IndieMuse. Thank you for posting this to the site, Ben. I'm not too familiar with In4mador, and am looking forward to exploring more.

I just wanted to take a second to clarify a few things I came across in the comments.

@Planettroy - IndieMuse is not funded by Pepsi in any way. It's a "non-profit" ad-free site that does not bring in revenue. All hosting costs come out of my pocket.

What you're likely referring to is a new passion project I'm working on, called MusicFloss (a platform for independent artists to sell their music and keep 100% of the proceeds from sales). The site is currently taking part in the Pepsi Refresh Contest, which gives me an opportunity to win a grant from Pepsi.

I understand why this is easy to criticize, but there are a few things you should know. I am a college student who has dedicated the last three years of my life to this cause. I've taken time off from school to be able to self-fund MusicFloss, and I assure you that running a site like this is not easy or cheap. This is a completely DIY project, and if it takes a "no strings attached" grant from Pepsi to make this sustainable, than I don't see the harm. In the event MusicFloss does win the grant, it would still be a 100% independent site.

@Bujold - My intentions with IndieMuse are not to "stick it to the man." Are you are referring to my sentence above when I refer to people who don't settle for Top 40 radio? If so, I don't know if you read the rest of "The Mission" on the site, but the point I was trying to make, when I wrote this in high school, is that there are a ton of underexposed bands out there, and it's pretty rare for people to go out of their way to find them. This isn't about image, or saying F*** you to the man.. it's about meeting like-minded people who share similar passions and interests.

Anyway, thank you to everyone else for the support! I really appreciate it.


Jul 13th, 2010


Jul 13th, 2010

I wasn't referring in any way to your site (which I have yet to visit due to lack of free time) but more to those indie kids that try too hard to be original and end up doing and liking things just to be an anticonformist, just like their other indie friends. Or the same kids who, because of their hate of big monolithic corporations, pledge undying allegiance to another, slightly smaller monolithic corporation.

Seeing as I just got my college diploma in arts, I knew a few of those, most importantly one of my teachers. I have nothing against people with odd musical tastes (I'm not in a position to talk, really) or Mac users, but those who fit in those molds just to be original tick me off.

Jul 13th, 2010

I feel like I'm being stalked now.


Jul 13th, 2010

No worries, @bujold. I just wanted to clear my name :) I agree with you overall, just didn't think it applied to IndieMuse at all. Thanks for clarifying.

@Ben - Gotta love Google Alerts! No stalking. Yet.

Jul 13th, 2010

Still strange.

Jul 15th, 2010

To be honest, I don't care where you or anybody gets their money from, but that's always an issue with art, isn't it? I was just pointing that out. We tend to be pretty sarcastic on this website.

Jul 15th, 2010

Awesome. And here I just assumed that it was Ben's site or something.

Jul 16th, 2010


Jul 17th, 2010

Nah, I never try to boost my own crap here. That's arrogant as shit.

Jul 21st, 2010

i feel obliged to comment on any link that gets this many comments

so... how 'bout that weather, huh?

Jul 21st, 2010

Hot. Death Valley hit 122 degrees yesterday.

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