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Jul 7th, 2010


Jul 9th, 2010

I can only think of doing illegal things in these.

Jul 10th, 2010

"The bank robber was a white guy--no, a really white guy."

Jul 11th, 2010

That's funny you say that, because I can only think of fighting crime in these.

In fact, I imagined a superhero for a short story I've been procrastinating from writing forever that wears that kind of full-body lycra suit with a lab coat and steel-capped running shoes. Considering that the main theme of the short story would be how reality is way stranger than fiction, this was a surprisingly topical link.

Jul 12th, 2010

They'd be nice if you had the power of invisibility and weren't in the mood to flaunt it.

Jul 12th, 2010

It's too bad they don't come in camo. You'd could really make some hiker's day with these

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