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Jun 18th, 2010

I had no idea these were that famous, lol

Jun 18th, 2010

These are a serious foreign commodity now?

I suddenly feel so cultured and upper-crust

Jun 18th, 2010

eh.. I prefer the blue ones.

Jun 18th, 2010

I only discovered that these are iconic to everyone outside the US a year or so ago. Weird as I never thought of them as anything but a plastic cup.

Jun 19th, 2010

don't downvote before you click the link guys :3

Jun 20th, 2010

um, i'm in the UK and have never given a second thought to these cups. i recognise them from parties in american films but didn't know they were supposed to be iconic.

Jul 5th, 2010

well if you recognize them wouldn't it make them an icon? :P

Oct 31st, 2010

Too bad I missed it, the website is now gone and for sale. 2,000 pounds and it is yours.

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