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Apr 4th, 2010

It's like the text version of Sid Meyer's Pirates. I liked it.

Apr 4th, 2010

Totally awesome.

Apr 6th, 2010

A surprisingly deep and well written...MUTINY?! On the Defender?

Officers! Take midshipman Bujold to the gallows at once!

Apr 7th, 2010

I am intrigued by ifnord's description. I shall check it out soon

Apr 11th, 2010

Well that was fairly fun for text-only.. Shorter than I expected, but pretty neat.

Apr 11th, 2010

Maybe it was just me being a young'un and not being used to the epic size of ye olde texte games, but I was surprised that when I finished the game, a whole 45 minutes had gone by unnoticed. I don't know how shorter I expected it to be, but I was surprised by its lenght since it's just text with no videos of cutscenes or fancy move animations to take up time.

Apr 16th, 2010

I never got into old school text adventure games really either.. but this had short, concise(yet fairly detailed) descriptions that allowed for quick gameplay.. I had just thought it would last a bit longer :)

Apr 22nd, 2010

I really wish this game was longer!

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