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Feb 19th, 2010

My money was on the camel

Feb 20th, 2010

I once went to a midget bullfight in Tijuana. I'll never forget it.

Feb 20th, 2010

Was that midgets fighting a bull, or a regular guy fighting a miniature bull?

I'm not sure which would be better.

Feb 21st, 2010

It was midgets fighting young bulls.
We had gone down for a regular bullfight, but they were canceled because no alcohol is served 24 hours before Mexican elections. Our cab driver told us there was a bullfight for the little people and we thought he meant kids. Well, yeah, there were a lot of kids in the audience, but when the torreros came out, they were all midgets.

Other entertainment that day included midgets dancing in Power Ranger halloween costumes (made by the company I was working for at the time), and midgets racing three-wheeled ATCs and jumping them over a ramp made out of an old, flimsy, Coca-Cola sign. On the last pass, the ATC didn't quite clear the audience members who volunteered to be jumped over.

Feb 21st, 2010

I like how alcohol is apparently a necessary enough component in bullfights that a government mandated sobering means cancelled shows. I guess you do have to have drunk a bit to find it a good idea to piss off large horned behemoths though.

Feb 22nd, 2010

I think one would have to be drunk to volunteer to be jumped over by a midget on an ATC as well.

Those crazy Mexicans.

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