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Nov 3rd, 2009

Meh. It's been done before. Except the Christmas lights - that was actually quite nifty.

Nov 4th, 2009

The fact that its been done before makes it no less entertaining in my eyes.

The soap one was eerily beautiful.

Nov 4th, 2009

I've done this myself, which leads me to believe two things - I am probably going to have radioactive mutant babies and this site is doing it all wrong.
They are way too attached to the microwave and don't let it become destroyed as they should. They need to mircowave things longer. It may take an hour, but that pineapple will do something! Quitters.

Nov 4th, 2009

green grapes are a personal favorite of mine. feel like i saw the video on here a few years ago.

Nov 4th, 2009

The soap was nothing, the foam is what Lovecraft would be proud of.

Nov 5th, 2009

Nice interface on the site too. Click and watch, no fuss no muss.

Nov 6th, 2009

I hate muss.

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