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Oct 19th, 2009

Best link I've seen in months.

Oct 20th, 2009

Click on toys and be amazed at the "Man Falling From Burning Window Toy". I want one.

Oct 20th, 2009

They stole my idea!

I'm a religious ETSY buyer and I see some atrocious stuff on there.

But there is also some seriously awesome stuff on there, too.

Oct 21st, 2009

Great link, though I've never heard of an "ETSY"

Oct 21st, 2009 is a site where people can buy and sell handmade items.

Most of it is great, or at least good, but everything has a dark side.

Oct 22nd, 2009

Hey I made ALL of these! Why are you laughing at them?

Oct 24th, 2009

Oh my god the pink ceramic dildo was hilarious.

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