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Apr 12th, 2009

It is a bit repetitive though, but it's still one of the best adventure games on the internet.

Apr 12th, 2009

Dig the quality, could tell some work went into this

Apr 13th, 2009

I grew weary of this quite quickly.

Apr 13th, 2009

I can understand how you can get bored of it, seeing how World 2 is basically World 1 with a different skin, the interesting weapons are too weak to be useful and there's nearly no side-quest (coming across "mini-bosses" in the bush is pretty fun though). But still, I somehow managed to put something between 7 and 10 hours into the game, which is a lot more than most games.

If the developer released an expansion pack or something to diversify the world a bit, it would be perfect.

Apr 13th, 2009

This is a great game but the boss battles are mother flipping tedious.

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