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Mar 12th, 2009

This is real?! Ewww. All these old geezers just staring at their clubs on the green, now I know they're trying to dribble urine through an enlarged prostrate. Into the club. And then carrying it around. *shiver*

Mar 13th, 2009

I a website for this a few months ago and thought, "you're surrounded by trees and bushes on a golf course...why would you need this thing?" Apparently the makers think men are embarrassed to piss outside. I've never met one.

Mar 15th, 2009

So instead of wandering off into the woods to take a piss in a bush, you stand in the middle of the fairway and piss into a fake golf club...

I really hope that this company didn't sell any.

Mar 15th, 2009

"This golf club smells funny."

1) The club doesn't really look like a regular golf club.

2) With the towel, it looks kinda like you're playing with yourself.

3) Wouldn't urinating in a hollow plastic container be noisy?

4) If you swing it by mistake, the cap might come off and now you've got urine all over yourself.

"From the makers of the Fleshclub."

Mar 16th, 2009

Peeing on the green is the only part of golf that's fun.

Mar 16th, 2009

Once again, we ladies are left high and less than dry.

Mar 16th, 2009

Women don't play golf. :-P

Seriously, though. If they would have stopped to think for a second, they would have designed the thing for women in the first place.

Mar 16th, 2009

That and the wonders of modern science and ingenuity gave birth to the GoGirl

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