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Jan 13th, 2009

This will add a whole new level to Craig's List penis photos.

Jan 14th, 2009

I can't register. :[ IT'S BROKENNNN.

Jan 14th, 2009

Very cool.

Man, that Obama poster is seriously going down in history. It'll take its place alongside the We Can Do It woman and "LOVE" with the off-kilter "O".

Good job, Fairey.

Jan 14th, 2009

Does anyone else see it as propaganda?

Jan 14th, 2009

I guess it could be argued that all art is propaganda for various purposes, but it IS a bit creepy how he seems to be deified by his fans. Also, Fitzpatrick/Korda's portrait of Guevara. Fairey admitted to being influenced by it, but I guess it had more to do with Che's rockstar-y charisma, a quality Obama also has, than with Obama being a closet commie.

Jan 15th, 2009

It won't save my picture...

Jan 15th, 2009

It certainly could be seen as propaganda.

I like that a national campaign had the smarts to approach Fairey in the first place. He's a talented and successful designer, but not the first name one might think of for campaign design, which is generally rather bland and homogenized.

Jan 15th, 2009

Did they approach him? From what I understood, he approached them and it's more of an unofficial logo.

Jan 24th, 2009

cant get there

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