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Nov 18th, 2008

couldn't care much for either separately, but together?

gosh. gee golly wiz. leave it to beaver, even.

Nov 18th, 2008


The geek in me was trying to figure out how they triggered the LEDs with the circles... I guessed RFIDs.

It wasn't until 1 minute in simple timing came to mind. :/

Nov 19th, 2008

pretty impressive. the effort involved alone is heroic.

Nov 19th, 2008

while the end product was pretty awesome, there's no way it would have been worth the mass effort

Nov 19th, 2008

I might not have been done in one go. All of those sideways glances are chances for transitions.

Nov 21st, 2008

They obviously transitioned, his hand changes from 100 note streak to 200 note streak.

This was apparently done through an actual effects team with help from Activision.

Nov 22nd, 2008

Yeah. The looks away reminded me of the opening of Strange Days, which is also made to look like a single, long shot.

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