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Nov 16th, 2008

What's sad is that Glenn Beck was probably more serious than not in his satire...

Nov 16th, 2008

What's sad is that Glenn Beck is a neo-con...

Nov 16th, 2008

I used to like Glenn Beck's TV show, but now it's gonna be on Fox News. :-(

But hell, even Obama himself has joked about the whole Messiah thing.

Nov 29th, 2008

Yeah.. It made me chuckle. But for different reasons than Glenn Beck intended. LOOK AT EVERY MODERN NATION IN EUROPE.... America has fallen behind on so many things that neocons think are evil, when they are just inevitable progress for the greater good.

Meh.. sorry.. I try not to rant after Nov 4th. But as one of the comments on the YT video said.. I am gonna laugh when Obama starts fixing all the fuck ups that the dubya administration put into play.

Nov 29th, 2008

Well, Bush isn't a good conservative. Just look how big the government has become and how much it's spending.

Nov 30th, 2008

touche good sir.. He is the least fiscally responsible conservative since... ever.

I can't even describe him really. I mean Arnie seems to be sorta socially liberal and fiscally conservative(on paper anyway), but he fails quite epically as well. dubya is just... well.. somewhere to the right.. The baseball term "out in leftfield" applies to rightfield here I think.

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