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Oct 30th, 2008

Two things never to mix.

Oct 31st, 2008

I love pumpkin carving; I am so fed up of this election.

Oct 31st, 2008

Without being too presumptuous, it seems most of us support Obama here, so it saddens me to see so many McCain ads come up with adsense :/

One of the fundamental flaws with adsense actually.. Sometimes it senses the subject matter, just not specifics =P

Oct 31st, 2008

Obama sucks.

Oct 31st, 2008

Your favorite candidate sucks.

Oct 31st, 2008

All the candidates suck, really.

Oct 31st, 2008

heh.. seriously guys... OBVIOUSLY even after Obama spent 3million dollars the other night McCain is scared... I continuously see McGrandPa/SkeezyAlaskaWhore ads on this site =P

Nov 1st, 2008

Yeah. They all suck, but since we were talking about Obama, I thought I'd stick to that.

The man won't even say he disagrees with someone who hates Israel. He says he's for change, but everything he's ever done shows him to be just another politician who happens to speak better than most.

Nov 1st, 2008

Well all politicians suck, surely. Even if he is mostly the same as a normal politician, it can not be remotely worse than the previous 8 years. Which McCain would be a continuation of failed Bush policy.. thassallimsayin...

Nov 1st, 2008

Yeah I know!

That's why I'm voting Poop/Farts '08!

Nov 1st, 2008

The only presidential candidate I've seen who was actually gonna change something was Ron Paul. McCain would do more of the same Bush-shit, Obama would do more of the Bush-shit but with a Liberal approach. Paul would have eradicated the IRS, ended all foreign wars, shut down the bases in countries that don't belong there and actually lowered taxes (including that whole thing with the bail-outs).

You can't deny that is actual change for this country. But too bad the media and his greedy party didn't take him seriously. I may write him in if I even feel like voting matters.

Nov 1st, 2008

Yes.. if Ron Paul were elected all those things would instantly happen... Yeah.. magic.. I got it...

Not to sound a bit like the McCain/Palin camp or anything, but talking about flashy issues during a campaign is one thing.. having the means to follow through with them is an entirely different issue.

Seriously.. Ron Paul ran on personal preference. For example.. if I were elected president.. I would ban firearms, legalize drugs, and abolish religion. The problem is once I would try to do any of those things, I'd be impeached immediately.

Nov 1st, 2008

Your laws (at least the first and third ones) are directly against the constitution....

Nov 2nd, 2008

Paul has been consistent with his voting record and with his speeches. He didn't change what he said and people know what he believes. Obama is just another lying, inconsistent snake.

And what exactly is Obama promising, besides socialized medicine? By your logic, does he have any more potential of accomplishing those promises?

And I hope you don't get elected to any office because I really enjoy those constitutional rights. I do however, agree with you on legalizing/decriminalizing drugs.

Nov 2nd, 2008

McCain wouldn't do the same thing as Bush. That's just what Obama says.

For one thing, McCain wanted more troops in Iraq from the start, with proper equipment, so they could actually finish the job.

And Ron Paul is crazier than a wolverine in a washing machine.

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