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Oct 21st, 2008


Oct 22nd, 2008

It makes me sad when advertising is so funny and shameless. But it makes me happy when beards.

Oct 22nd, 2008

got one, thanks!

Oct 22nd, 2008

I've always said #4 was true. Even with a goatee. Stroke it and think of anything, and people will think that you're deep in thought, pondering of the world's mysteries ... when you're really wondering how Miss Piggy could have sex with Kermit, and what their kids would look like.

Well, you get the idea ... >.>

Oct 22nd, 2008

The boys are frogs and the girls are pigs.

Oct 22nd, 2008

I always thought they would just be Fripogigs.

Oct 23rd, 2008

crazy hybrid animals.
they're an abomination unto the lord!

Oct 23rd, 2008

I was weirded out when it became a dating site run by a couple of guys. Creepy the way they lure you in with interesting and unique web content.

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