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Oct 3rd, 2008

Pretty awesome. I liked the little tunes it played.
There was a lot going on there, wow.

Oct 4th, 2008

Really, it was mostly just dominoes falling... until about 3:30, then it got good. Just go ahead and fast forward to then; you won't miss anything.

Oct 4th, 2008

But... dominoes!

Oct 4th, 2008

Dominoes were the best part of V for Vendetta.

Oct 4th, 2008

The movie was the best part of V for Vendetta.

Oct 5th, 2008

The little girl getting shot was the best part.

Oct 5th, 2008

I agree with eskimo.. V was a fantastirrific movie all around

Oct 5th, 2008

Eh, I prefer the priest part,

I guess it was good.

really boring till the exploding things at like the last minute

Oct 7th, 2008

My favorite part was when the elf king guy cloned himself a whole bunch of times and started beating the crap out of Neo. That was awesome.

Oct 8th, 2008

Mmm-member? When this guy? Set up all these dominoes and sticks and stuff? And then he knocked 'em down? That was awesome.

(Channeling Chris Farley)

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