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Sep 22nd, 2008

Hanging out at the original Tally Hall in Farmington Hills, MI is more fun than this, and I gotta say that I was usually pretty bored at Tally Hall.

Sep 23rd, 2008

Heh I really liked it. "83% of busses are REGISTERED SEX OFFENDERS"

But maybe I'm biased as I've met them and seem them in concert a few times. Oh well, still liked it.

Sep 23rd, 2008

The quality of the production is still rather high for any kind of web video

Sep 23rd, 2008

I remember finding their website a few years ago and really liking their music. About a year after that my friends found the site through their videos. They were shocked to discover that they were not only an actual band, but a decent one at that. I reccomend their music highly, though few things entertain me as much as the chicken enchirito video.

Sep 23rd, 2008

The player they use won't let you go full screen... To see the episode in a larger window at least, use .

Sep 23rd, 2008

I'll agree with allenhenderson that it is very well produced.

Sep 24th, 2008

This video was mind blowing. :)

Sep 25th, 2008

I work/volunteer at a radio station and we got their album. I snagged it and no one had ever heard of them before me.

Of course, that's one of the benefits of working at a radio station; you get releases several weeks in advance before the record stores. It's the ultimate hipster occupation.

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