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Aug 30th, 2008

Veddy interesting.

(Brad posted it, but it's not (currently) front paged?)

Aug 30th, 2008

Great link. I saw that May 1970 picture in my journalism class. I never knew it was altered. I also like how Newsweek and Time go back and forth with each other, one manipulating one image, the other keeping it true.

Aug 30th, 2008

sweet link.. *note to self.. don't do substances that make you talk and ramble on and then look at a link like this.. hours fade away*

Aug 30th, 2008

Ah, it's front paged now, deservedly no matter who had submitted it.

Aug 31st, 2008

Amazing link. Bookmarked for future reference!

Also we need another link like forum warz. that was fun

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