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Jul 15th, 2008

Quite honestly... I can't get anyone past four

Jul 15th, 2008

Must find who the 8s are...

Found an article dating to 2002, guy found some hight numbers due to finding that the 25th president has a number of 8... but, due to the increase of database size, it's down to 4 (counting TV, documentaries etc)

Jul 15th, 2008

I couldn't escape two, but I don't know very many actors, and the ones I do know are on the popular side

Jul 16th, 2008

Wow. I think this is the single oldest link ever posted to this site.


Jul 17th, 2008

John McCain: 2
Barack Obama: no link found

Jul 17th, 2008

I got a Kevin Bacon number of infinity by searching "Karl Pilkington".

God bless that round-headed idiot.

Jul 17th, 2008

So, 12% of actors cannot be linked to Kevin Bacon... and the remaining 88% can be linked in a maximum of 8 steps. And there are only 12 with the Bacon number of 8.

Now, need to write a program to find the 12 8s.

Jul 17th, 2008

Apparently everyone was in the movie Death Sentence (2007).

Jul 18th, 2008

I didn't check the site, but here's how I'd link Karl Pilkington...

KP was in the Extras finale with Ricky Gervais
Gervais was in Stardust (and Extras) with Robert DeNiro
DeNiro was in Sleepers with Kevin Bacon

Jul 19th, 2008

Yeah, there are plenty of ways to link the K-man with... the other K-man.

The important thing is I beat the website.

Jul 19th, 2008

There are supposed to be 8s, 9s, 10s and even an 11.

Jul 28th, 2008

Charlie Sheen

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