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May 18th, 2008

How much is the US Army? On that note, how many pink bunny mascot suits would I need to buy to cover each soldier?

Jun 13th, 2008

1,055,000 for the land army, 335,000 for the navy, 202,000 for marines and 328,600 for the Air Force, though you might want to forget the Air Force, as the bunny suits might impair their piloting abilities. So that would be 1,592,000 bunny suits. I couldn't find a price for the army, but if the bunny suits cost around 100$ each, you'll probably have enough money left to buy it.

Jun 13th, 2008

Wow... that is terribly and horribly depressing.

As for the bunny suits, there are about 3 million in the US armed forces (this number includes reserve and paramilitary forces)... and a good bunny suit goes for about $350... so that's about 1 billion dollars plus the cost of wicker baskets and bright paint for the M67 grenades...

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