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Feb 10th, 2008

Oh great, one more cool thing I'll never get to do.

Feb 11th, 2008

don't give up
make it happen!

ah, i'm not fooling anyone. you'll never do anything cool :p

Feb 11th, 2008

Yeah, I'll have to make do with amusement parks. I ain't afraid of no rolly coaster!

I did win an introductory flying lesson a couple years ago that I haven't found the time to redeem somehow, maybe I am chicken...

Feb 11th, 2008

awesome! my first front page link!! now I don't feel so lame!

Feb 11th, 2008

congo rats af_amuro... I do despise this guy because he is all kinds of awesome.

Apr 22nd, 2010

This is ridiculously latent, but lemon, that was a reference to Mr. Show, right?

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