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Sep 13th, 2007

Thanks for this link, I just had to go through them all and I laughed out loud more times than I could count.

Sep 15th, 2007

There are a few gems in there, but most aren't all that funny, imho.. I love the time travel device. (because I have a fiancee with a hot sister)

Sep 15th, 2007

Yeah, I realize I have a strange sense of humor. To me, these were funny, whereas I could sit through a Home Improvement marathon, for instance, without cracking a smile.

Sep 15th, 2007

When did Home Improvement become a comedy? I thought it was a soap opera..

Sep 19th, 2007

These are great, thanks for the link.

Sep 19th, 2007


Sep 19th, 2007

Very Lovecraftian.. I enjoyed it as well.

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