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Aug 16th, 2007

The 0:52 "Demonstration" of an exploding van nearly killed me with LULZ.

Aug 16th, 2007

Gay sex pictures! :O

Aug 16th, 2007

They got a Fox News correspondent to say LULZ. Anon just won.


Aug 16th, 2007

She bought a dog!

Ha ha, this was awesomely stupid.
I bet a bunch of baby boomers pissed their pants and tore out their internetz from the walls in panic. "Can't have no gay sex pictures on my blog!"

Aug 16th, 2007

Old news is old!

Aug 16th, 2007

What's this "lulz" bullshit?


Aug 16th, 2007

That's horrible. I bet the guy "blacked out" was just some associate producer.

...who is a member of anonymous....

Aug 17th, 2007

Let's not forget the "undercover" report on emos.

Aug 18th, 2007

Once Anon gets enough lulz, they can trade in for an inflatable Simpsons couch and use the rest to get TRULY EPIC OFF BRAND TOOTSIE ROLLS.

Aug 18th, 2007

They are not dangerous they share pictures, figures fox would get it wrong.

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