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Apr 19th, 2007

Yes.. but does anyone really care? :) I think most americans have resigned to the fact that nothing is the way it appears on TV =P

Apr 19th, 2007

Yeah, that is like expecting the women you meet at bars drinking beer to look like the models on the ads...

Apr 19th, 2007

Yeah, in fact, if the food looked like the commercials, I'd be frightened.

Apr 19th, 2007

What do the apples you buy look like then?

Apr 20th, 2007

Yeah, not impressive. The companies hire professional chefs and not teenagers or illegals.

But we had a lot of nice links today and I don't feel like bitching because it is 1:43 where I am.

Apr 20th, 2007

AM, I might add.

Apr 20th, 2007

Well most food in commercials is generally (atleast partly) inedible. Know how they make ice cream look sexy? Know what milk used to be in commercials? I love useless knowledge :)

Apr 20th, 2007

I thought the food looked pretty good.


Apr 23rd, 2007

I just think it's unfair that he took the food home first. I mean I work in food service and know that food looks like shit after being wrapped up and then walked/driven home. It always looks better in the store, although still rarely as good as the ads.

May 21st, 2007

Yeah, his route home consists entirely of sharp curves, abrupt stops and starts, and roads that are probably full of potholes and shit.

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