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Jan 27th, 2007

but listening to stephen hawking babbling over the top gets a bit tiresome. sorry

Jan 27th, 2007

Not Stephen Hawking.

Jan 27th, 2007

yes, thank you. i know it isnt stephen hawking
its just a generic robotic sounding voice

Jan 27th, 2007

It doesn't really sound anything like Stephen Hawking at all. It just sounds like some dude.

Jan 27th, 2007

Yeah.. it sounded like a guy calling into a radio station.. Just bad quality. Thumbs down rhcp :(

Jan 27th, 2007

I thought it was the astronaut who actually did the experiment talking, from onboard the spacecraft he did it on.

Jan 28th, 2007

it is

Jan 28th, 2007

"Expedition Six NASA ISS Science Officer Don Pettit performs a series of microgravity experiments with water spheres and effervescent antacid tablets. In the second of four videos, Pettit inserts a tablet into a 50-millimeter sphere and observes the fizzy results."

"NASA Budget: $16.8 Billion (2007)
according to"

Feb 4th, 2007

thegreatkinghal, are you trying to imply that NASA wastes money, that their budget of 16.8 billion is spent unwisely because of an odd experament involving Alka Seltzer? otherise, I don't see how NASA's budget has anythign to do with the experament, I don't see your correlation.
I think NASA does alot of groundbreaking, worthwhile, & important research, and this Alka Seltzer thing most likely didn't cost them anything at all (most likely a donation) and was just something to do while performing countless other much more consequential scientific studies.

Feb 4th, 2007

Thanks for asking; in fact, the direct correlation between NASA and Alka-Seltzer was more of a joke, and in a well-run agency, it would be a very interesting and worthy diversion. However, much of what they do in space seems a joke as well. NASA is verifiably terribly managed--their space program has amounted to an enormous waste for many years. Their valuable research on Earth, global warming, physics has been underfunded and recently decimated by Bush policy statements, even to the point of being removed from their 'core mission'. While cool stuff, I thought serious things need to happen, and this is a feel-good diversion.

What they do in between big missions=bad
What they do with science=quenched
What they do with money=squandered and tangled
American debt=unfortunately huge, with no room to waste

NASA is being used in all the wrong ways, I mean, and their state worries me.

US Dept. of Ed-- $56.5 billion; would have problems solved at $60, and could really use more.

Feb 5th, 2007

I agree that NASA needs to prioritize their efforts. But scraping some of the 1.2 trillion dollars spent on the war would be a better place to start to help other programs.

I think that aside from cancer/aids research and supercollider experiments, NASA based research is the most vital. (And supercollider stuff is in the same ballpark as most NASA research anyway).

Feb 6th, 2007

Dude, I don't even think about NASA too much :D

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