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Jun 2nd, 2007

I haven't seen any of these.

Jun 2nd, 2007

I don't believe I have either. But I'm kind of intrigued by Thunderpants.

Jun 2nd, 2007

"The basic story revolves around a child with two stomachs, and his flatulence problems that come with that.I would call this movie a comedy adventure, as Patrick does travel around the world and finally into space,With flatulence being the theme from miss-adventure to miss-adventure."

Jun 2nd, 2007

Thank you very much, Uwe Boll, for populating this list.

p.s., Screw you for ruining Far Cry. It isn't made yet, but it will be ruined.

Jun 3rd, 2007

Aw man, he's making Far Cry? That was a super game and deserves a good movie.

Jun 3rd, 2007

Sad but true

Jun 3rd, 2007

Man, that game is addictive.

If it's as bad as DOOM, I won't see it.

Jun 3rd, 2007

Sadly, I have seen a handful of these movies & yes, they certainly do deserve to be on this list.

No Michael Bay movies on the list? Why do people eat his shit up? Pear Harbor or Armageddon should definitely make the list!

Jun 4th, 2007

Thunderpants rocks. Or it did when I watched it, whilst extremely drunk.

Jun 15th, 2007

Best one in there has to be the number one movie, about a girl and her struggle with rapping so she looks to Anne Frank

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