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Sep 10th, 2006

That video is awesome. I can just imagine how terrified I'd be if I saw that centipede in person. That son of a bitch is FIERCE!!!

Sep 11th, 2006

Yes. I had nightmares about this when I saw it.... last year =P

Sep 11th, 2006

Maybe you should find another outlet for your bitchy one-liners.

Sep 11th, 2006

Watch a 10-inch long centipede kill & devour a bitchy one-liner.

Sep 11th, 2006

Cynics and eltigremask beware.

Sep 12th, 2006

I really don't think you want me to switch to bitchy two liners... Or do you? muwahahaha

Sep 12th, 2006

It's not exactly a blog, so no rants, please.

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