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Aug 23rd, 2006

It's at times like this I ask myself "What Would David Hasslehoff Do?"

Then I get thrown off a plane because I am "tired because I took some medication for an injury caused by a chandalier that broke near me" and not because I was drunk. And I voluntarily chose not to board the plane.

Then I do a really bad ad for broadband.

Aug 23rd, 2006

We should sign up with hundreds of fake emails just so that we ruin their plan.

Aug 23rd, 2006

I can't stand the Hoff. I think he should die. Let's make him number 0.

Aug 24th, 2006

They should mirror the site in German, because Germans love David Hasselhoff.

Aug 24th, 2006

Ha ha, naked with puppies!
I would spend the 75p.
What the hell is a p?
Does Hoff only believe in some kinda fantasy currency?


Aug 24th, 2006

Its a penny you fool!

Bloody yanks.

Aug 24th, 2006


Aug 24th, 2006

metallica doesn't know what
[/sarcasm] means.

[/blatant insult]

Aug 25th, 2006

Kaddar said pp

Aug 28th, 2006

I guess I should of chosen a better name to avoid insults... :(

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