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Aug 16th, 2006

I used to buy their calendars. I have this poster hanging in my office:

Aug 16th, 2006

Aug 17th, 2006

The consulting one is now above my desk. I hope to God no-one from head office or our customers comes in here when I'm on holiday.

Aug 17th, 2006

[slightly off topic]

choadwarrior: wouldn't it be nice to be able to edit our posts? I have done the same thing in the past -- posted something and then realized I didn't have it quite right.


Aug 17th, 2006

I love this site.
I will say it again, I posted this link a lot.

I'm glad its on the site.

Aug 18th, 2006

Ironic that I made a mistake trying to post the Mistakes poster. Jes, I quote the Consulting poster all the time. I have the calendar page of that one in my desk and pull it out from time to time.

Aug 20th, 2006

This has always been my favorite:

Aug 20th, 2006

I lazily pasted a bunch together in a giant collage for my myspace. All the ones a slacker could normally aspire to. I shant spam my myspace link, but those interested in the collage need not think too hard to find my direct link.

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