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Apr 14th, 2006

This is fake. They totally busted this on Mythbusters.

Still, it's cool to see the original video in its entirety.

Apr 14th, 2006

Once again I am rendered speechless by the antics of the Japenese. Whether fake or not.

Apr 14th, 2006

And Bargaintuan beat me to it.

However, even if it hadn't been busted, I still would have deemed it fake by the fact that he spun around while flying in a static direction.

Nonetheless, it was a wonderfully silly video. I think when we dropped the atomic bomb on Japan, it messed up their brains.

Apr 14th, 2006

First saw that yesterday, when it was on the b3ta links board.

Apr 14th, 2006

Yeah. The spinning was a dead giveaway. Funny that I don't remember them showing that part on Mythbusters. I think they often test ridiculous myths on that show as an excuse to blow stuff up.

Apr 14th, 2006

"First saw that yesterday, when it was on the b3ta links board."

We both visit b3ta, thank you for pointing it out every time.

Apr 14th, 2006

I'm guessing you're right Barg. Half the myths they've tested I've gone "Pffft, no freaking way." And they usually end up building some super expensive machine that can do what the myth claims, but not anywhere near *how* the myth claims it's done.

Which makes it cool.

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